Limitations of the Program

  1. Point reduction can not reduce your points to below zero
  2. Only applies to points that occurred with 18 months immediately proceeding course completion.
  3. Can not be used as a credit for future violations or points.
  4. If license has been suspended or revoked already, or if violation hearing has already been scheduled will not affect this action.
  5. Will not cancel mandatory revocations or suspensions stemming for DWI or DWAI OR 3 speeding tickets within 18 months.
  6. Only can benefit from program every 18 months.


Does completion of the program erase, remove or delete any violation, conviction, or notice of original number of points on my driving record?

No, point reduction will only affect points that have occurred during the 18 months prior to completion of the course. Any traffic violations, traffic convictions, and points will continue to show up on your driver's license. However, the DMV will not count up to four points against your driving record toward revocation or suspension of driver's license.


Driving With A Suspended/Revoked License Or Driving Privileges

Driving with a Suspended License in New York, also known as Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (AUO) is a crime which can either be a misdemeanor (511.1 or 511.2) or a Felony (511.3).

AUO - 3rd Degree - Unclassified misdemeanor punishable up to 30 days in jail, a mandatory fine from $200 to $500.This offense is committed when a person is operating with any suspension other than alcohol related.

AUO - 2nd Degree - Unclassified misdemeanor punishable up to 180 days in jail, a mandatory fine from $500 to $1000 Jail time is minimum mandatory 7 days unless given 3 years probation. This offense can be committed 3 ways and occurs when a driver:

  1. Operates with an alcohol related suspension or revocation
  2. Operates with 3 or more active suspensions or revocations that have occurred on 3 or more separate dates
  3. Commits AUO in 3rd Degree and have been convicted within the previous 18 months

AUO - 1st Degree - Is a Felony and is punishable up to 4 years in prison and a mandatory fine of $1,000 to $5,000. This offense is committed when a driver:

  1. Operates a motor vehicle and has 10 or more suspensions or revocations imposed on 10 different dates
  2. Commits the offense of AUO - 2nd Degree while intoxicated or impaired by alcohol or drugs